Urdorf (Zurich), Switzerland, 26 June, 2020

Looking for more efficient ways of monitoring your bioprocesses without losing the benefits of state-of-the-art sample analyzers? Typical manual sampling procedures are time consuming, error-prone and lack a feedback mechanism to the process unit in a timely manner.

In this webinar about “Automated sampling and on-line analytics – challenges of sampling and opportunities arising from extensive automation” you will learn about:

– The goals of PAT and the role of sampling

– The goals of PAT and the role of sampling

– Automated sampling with Numera®

Automation of critical process steps is key for process robustness, data quality and a speed up of lab operations. Get informed about the latest cutting-edge technology. The video also features some technical close-ups of the Numera® in action!

Duration: 28 min

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