New In-situ Filtration Membrane Technology

Unparalleled performance due to unique combination of materials and manufacturing process

The membrane’s main proprietary characteristics are based on defined pore size and density in combination with chemical surface modification for improved performance in a broad choice of applications, from automated online metabolic monitoring to continuous perfusion-based / cell retention manufacturing processes at the benchtop scale. Applications are in perfusion runs for the generation of critical amounts of mAb products to support early clinical trials as well as in cell retention and enrichment processes for cell-based therapies.

Your benefits

Dramatic improvement of automated online process monitoring based on constant high filtration rates at low sample volume consumption and fast sample delivery to target over extended time. Sephara probe products come together with a dedicated Securecell process control unit.

Low sample volume

Increase sampling frequency for tighter monitoring

Fast sample delivery

Gain process information and act on it in realtime

High filtration rate

Protein and virus production at benchtop scale

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