Urdorf (Zurich), Switzerland, 12 May, 2020

Securecell is very pleased to announce as of May 2020 an extensive series of online webinars and training sessions illustrating all Securecell offerings.

The first series covers the topic of digitalization of bioprocess development – challenges of digitization and opportunities arising from central data management and harmonized workflows.

You will be able to learn about: Lab equipment communication – Disparate data sources in bioprocess development – Lucullus® concepts & workflows. At the end of every session will be included a live Q&A session with the experts.

Event host: Andreas Koch, John Sullivan

Webinar content and Q&A: Kay Eilers, Saso Kveder


Tuesday, 19th May, 10 am CET

Tuesday, 19th May, 10 am ET (4 pm Zurich)

Tuesday, 19th May, 10 am PT (7 pm Zurich)

Please register here. We are looking forward to meeting you there.