Automated sampling in bioprocesses

High-frequent sampling of small volumes and precise analytics around the clock.

Sampling and sample preparation in bioprocess development are often done manually. Therefore, deviations can occur, results are timely delayed, recorded manually and missing during weekends and nights. Numera is a modular system which provides an integrated and customized PAT solution. It enables on-line analytics for reliable results in real-time around the clock. Combined with Lucullus, the entire workflow of sampling, monitoring and feed-back control is covered by an all-in-one solution.

Gain efficiency

Biomass-containing samples are drawn from up to 16 bioreactors in high frequency, maintaining sterility, preventing cross-contamination and sample loss. Samples can be transferred to up to 4 coupled analyzers and one HPLC, optional with previous dilution, reagent addition and/or filtration.


Accurate sample preparation leads to reliable data


Individually design sample processing and analysis


Gain knowledge in real-time for faster development

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Key Functionalities

The unique automated sampling and sample processing system for on-line analytics in up- and down- stream bioprocesses.

Examples of Applications

Process transparency

Monitoring substrates, metabolites and products.

Closed-loop control

Feed-back control loop with Lucullus and Numera.

Monitoring CPP

High frequent and precise detection of limitations

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