Bioprocess control and data management software


Lucullus® is the software that reinvents the concept of digital lab, automating and digitalizing the entire bioprocessing.

Lucullus®, Process Information Management System (PIMS), aligns and stores all data from disparate sources of the entire bioprocess environment in one place. The integration is made easy by integrated workflows and a high degree of automation. All information is centrally managed, easily accessible, and ready to be directly applied. The software provides comprehensive monitoring and control, from the initial raw material to the final product.

Why Lucullus® PIMS?

Lucullus® PIMS provides centralized data management by extensive integration of all your devices and paperless documentation. It ensures unified bioprocess monitoring and control by real-time communication and ready-to-use control algorithms and ad hoc design of experiment. From planning, preparation, execution to evaluation – everyday life is made easy by guided workflows.

Centralized Data Management

Time-saving and efficient data handling

Unified Monitoring & Control

Robust processes executed as designed

Optimized Workflows

Digital guidance for paperless documentation

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Key Functionalities

Supported Systems and Devices

Lucullus PIMS replaces or complements bioreactor manufacturer’s native software (SCADA, DCS) to simplify the laboratory landscape. It enables the customer to harmonize the bioreactor assortment (Sartorius, Eppendorf, Finesse, Infors, Applikon …) and to create a scientist-friendly overarching control and data management platform with fewer interfaces to worry about. Peripheral devices and sample analytics (Roche, Nova Biomedical, Beckman Coulter, …) can also be integrated with ease.
In need of simplification of your laboratory data handling and bioreactor control? Check out our unmatched list of supported devices and contact us to discuss your specific environment.

Latest Release

The latest release of Lucullus PIMS for Linux OS is version 3.10.5.

The latest release of Lucullus PIMS for Windows is version 3.10.5.

You are not up to date? New releases contain general system improvements and new features. Contact us to provide you more detailed information and organize your system update to benefit from Lucullus’ continuous evolution.